Air filter

Air filter prevents abrasive particulate matter from entering the engine’s cylinders, where it would cause mechanical wear and oil contamination.
Most fuel injected vehicles use a pleated paper filter element in the form of a flat panel. This filter is usually placed inside a plastic box connected to the throttle body with an intake tube. Older vehicles that use carburetors or throttle body fuel injection typically use a cylindrical air filter, usually a few inches high and between 6 and 16 inches in diameter. This is positioned above the carburetor or throttle body, usually in a metal or plastic container which may incorporate ducting to provide cool and/or warm inlet air, and secured with a metal or plastic lid.
The progress in filter constructing and application of modern filtration materials brings the level of contaminants filtration to the level of 99,9% for particles of even few micrometers size. Whereas the engines use a great amount of air during combustion process (average amount of 10m³ of air per 1 liter of fuel), filters with high filtering efficiency must also have low flow resistance and high contaminants absorptvity. Due to such properties, it is possible to extend the period between filter replacements.

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