Oil filter

An engine running on dirty oil won’t last. Keep it clean with EPS Oil Filters. It helps to capture harmful contaminants that can harm your engine before they can affect the performance, and life span of your engine. Oil Filter should not just filter engine oil but should do it with high level of efficiency without blocking oil flow and should preserve its quality for sufficient period of time. Efficiency very much depends on the quality and size of filtration media.

Environmental Oil Filters

EPS offers a wide range of environmentally friendly oil filters for various vehicles applications. During servicing, only filter element is replaced in these vehicles while its internal components are not required to be changed for the whole lifespan of the vehicle.
Here are some reasons why car manufacturers are switching to environmentally friendly oil filters more often these days:
It is easy to remove while the skin contact with the used oil is minimized.
The risk of installing of incompatible parts is significantly reduced by using back original external components.
Thermoplastic end discs of element are made of recycled materials which help to save the environment.
The cost of servicing is reduced

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